CONARE 2023 Declaratory

Internationalization in CONARE Universities: the role of the International Affairs and Cooperation offices

The process of internationalization of Higher Education is undeniable and forces Universities to propose in a comprehensive way, the strategy that will be implemented, so that the cross-cutting component of internationalization permeates in the best way in the performance of activities institutional.

In this sense, the offices in charge of international affairs and cooperation of the Public Universities of Costa Rica present an important diversity in terms of their competence, hierarchical dependence, organizational structure, among others. The following table summarizes the basic aspects that characterize these offices and that must be taken into account when considering the development of an articulated internationalization strategy.

The existence of important differences is evident:

➢Hierarchical unit in the Rectory (UCR, UTN, UNA), Vice-Rectory for Research and Extension (TEC), and Vice-Rectory for Planning (UNED).

  • ➢ The existence of direct functions in matters of internationalization (UCR, UTN, UNA TEC, UNED)
  • ➢ Management of international mobility resources CONARE (UNED)
  • ➢ Development of academic mobility procedures (UCR, UTN, UNA TEC), student

(UCR, UTN, UNA TEC, UNED) or both.

  • ➢ Processing of national agreements (UTN, UNA, TEC, UNED).
  • ➢ Processing of international agreements (UCR, UTN, UNA TEC, UNED)
  • ➢ Positions of trust (UCR, UNA, TEC) by competition (UNED) and owned (UTN).

In order to have a unified definition of CONARE, which allows a complete vision of the PLANES and the coordination actions that are required, the following approach was built on how Public Universities could understand the internationalization process:

Process to integrate the international and intercultural vision within the purposes, functions and aspirations of Costa Rican public universities; with the aim of continuously improving the quality and relevance of its substantive areas, to achieve a significant impact on society.

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