CONARE 2023 Declaratory


The Annual Report of Indicators of University Research of CONARE 2012-2016, is the product of the coordinated effort and developed by the Subcommission of University Research Indicators with the support of the Office of Planning of Higher Education OPES since 2006, with in order to generate a fundamental input for the understanding of the knowledge generation activities of the Public Universities, as well as for the transparency and accountability carried out by these institutions.
R&D activities constitute pillars of Higher Education and sustainable development in Costa Rica. It is an honor to present in this report, a set of indicators that reflect a large part of the R&D work of the universities attached to CONARE. In turn, it is vitally important to reiterate the relevant role that indicators can have in decision-making with a view to ensuring that our higher education institutions stimulate the creation of new links with society and its productive sectors, as well as development. of inventions and knowledge that can be successfully transferred for the well-being of the country and the region in general.
These documents constitute a support instrument for the visualization and interpretation of the state of the Costa Rican state university research, which allows our authorities and the general public to reflect, analyze and evaluate the situations of interest to design new strategies that encourage more and more effectiveness of the R&D activities of the universities attached to CONARE.


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