CONARE 2023 Declaratory

Risk and control Subcomittee

This subcommittee is in charge of controlling risks on the fulfillment of the goals proposed in PLANES 2021-2025. Its main objective is to develop the necessary actions to assess the risks of the Plans.


  • Jorge García Yen, (UCR)
  • Silvia Salazar Bolaños, (UCR)
  • Andrea Contreras Alvarado, (TEC)
  • Yaffany Monge Davanzo, (TEC)
  • Giovanni Duran Cascante, (UNA)
  • Yeimy Araya Mata, (UNA)
  • Luz Adriana Martínez Vargas, (UNED)
  • Wendy León Sánchez, (UTN)
  • Jose Pablo Jimenez Otarola, (UTN)
  • Gabriela Villalobos Arias, (CONARE),
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