CONARE 2023 Declaratory

What is SIESUE?

In the National Plan for State University Higher Education (Plans) 2006-2010 it was proposed to promote the development of the State University Higher Education System, an intention that was ratified in the 2011-2015 Plans, approved by the rectors at the end of 2010. In this last document, the system is conceived as the joint work space in which four public state universities, under the coordination of CONARE, seek articulation as a double transit route to establish multiple interrelationships in the areas of teaching, research, extension and social action.

To develop and strengthen this joint work space, the 2011-2015 Plans formulated several system challenges, among which are:

“Articulate a university planning subsystem in which they register and through which the tasks of preparing the short and medium-term plans of the institutions and of the state university higher education as a whole correspond.”

In order to comply with what has been formulated, the CDP proposed the project financed with resources from the System Fund, called “Management for the development of the National Plan for State Higher Education 2011-2015”, which has the general objective of ‘helping to the implementation of the 2011-2015 Plans to strengthen the State Higher Education System ‘and among the specific objectives’ monitoring the Plans’ stands out. For this purpose, the goal was to “Create a monitoring system for the Plans that allows the capture of information, the definition of indicators and the preparation of reports.”

General objective

Establish, develop and maintain an information system to provide reliable, timely and pertinent information that facilitate the management processes of the institutions that make up the State University Higher Education System of Costa Rica.

Specific objectives

  • Conceptualize the information system of the state university higher education..
  • Standardize concepts and processes that facilitate the capture, analysis and comparison of information.
  • Define and build a system of indicators that allows observation over time of the behavior of the relevant variables.
  • Capture, organize and consolidate data and information from Costa Rican university institutions, which guarantee its reliability and validity to facilitate the knowledge and dissemination of information.
  • Provide and disseminate information about university institutions to the university community in particular and to society in general.

The State University Higher Education Information System (Siesue) will include the university institutions that make up the National Council of Rectors and its technical body, the Office of Higher Education Planning (OPES), which will be in charge of centralizing and managing the system.

Work Team

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